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Advanced Class

Posted on December 31st, 2009 at 12:04am by Shawn

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Heads Up

Right now, BTP is wide open. Once the Tyranids come out, we will be very busy. I recommend getting any project set up the sooner the better.

I will be ordering an obscene amount of Tyranids on Monday January 11. They will be in my hands just about Friday January 15. Tyranid projects should be done in early February if they are booked ahead of time.

Posted on December 30th, 2009 at 7:20pm by Shawn

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Hive Mind: Tyranid Special

Until further notice, the following special is in effect for Tyranids:

You get 20% off on painting cost if you give us Artistic License. It gets better. Your following (part 02) project will maintain the discount and still match.

30% off on cost of models. You can get this on request even if you don’t want Artistic License if your order is for a full 2000+ pt army (bulk deal even without Hive Mind special). This synergizes with the Military Discount for a whopping 35% off!

Artistic License means we get to pick how the models are painted and based. We will be reasonable (ie no pink and purple nids). You still get to pick armament and composition.

If your purchase is $1000 or more you can pick from these following general themes (if you want– we will probably come up with even more awesome color schemes):

  • Forest Nids (pale fleshy green skin, dark bluish green carapace)
  • Ice Nids (dark brown carapace, pale blue skin)
  • Swamp Nids (pale fleshy skin, dark green carapace)
  • Toxic Nids (pale fleshy skin, glowy green carapace with purple accents)
  • Desert Nids (pale sandy skin, earthy brown carapace)
  • Magma Nids (yellowish skin, black carapace)

Now, your nids won’t necessarily exactly match those links. But we’ll stick to that general scheme.

Remember to set a conversions budget.

Ooooor… you can get a Tyranid Turbo Army (we pick composition, armament, basing and painting for a flat rate).

  • Tyranids 1500 pts for $1300
  • Tyranids 2000 pts for $1550
  • Tyranids 2500 pts for $1800

Download the spreadsheet for this special here. Start your own Tyranid Invasion!

As with other specials, this is a limited time offer, we might end it at any time. You must also request it.

Note about magnetized limbs:
There are three entries for magnetized limbs–

  • Host Point (this is the part where the limbs attach to the body)
  • Magnetized Limb (this is the number of limbs the creature would normally have– there is no extra charge for painting because that is included in the base cost)
  • Magnetized and Painted Limb (this is for the extra limbs beyond the normal number the creature has)

We get a lot of requests for fully magnetized genestealers (not possible) and Tyranid Warriors (hard). In some cases it’s almost more to do all the limbs than it is to just do another creature from scratch. I only recommend magnetization for the larger creatures.

For a Hive Tyrant it’s very difficult to magnetize the bonesword/lashwhip becuase of their weight.

The best way to go about magnetization is to set a budget and let us pick what to do.

This special is not cumulative with any other discounts or specials.

Posted on December 30th, 2009 at 6:31pm by Shawn

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I played a game of Warhammer Fantasy with Josephus today. Low-key at 1100 points. His Bretonnians vs my Dark Elves. I got tabled. Bretonnian knights are just brutal. I couldn’t believe it. They just ran over the Black Guard like tissue paper.

Units of Bretonnian Knights with two characters in there are just head-stompingly good. They get a rank bonus at just three wide and all the knights along the edges get to attack.

He tabled me. Not a single survivor after Turn 4.

In other news. I tried something new against Renn as you can see in the batrep vids I’m putting out. A Dark Elf Master (Hero) on a dark steed. She’s got a 1+ save from: heavy armor, horse, enchanted shield and sea dragon cloak. Then the Pendant of Khaeleth which gives an inverse ward save (roll equal to or UNDER the Strength of the attack– six always fails). With some good tools she can really take care of small problems like skaven weapon teamms.

Against S3 she has 2+ from armor and 3- from pendant: 12 to 1 against.
Against S4 she has 2+ from armor and 4- from pendant: 15 to 1 against (ie on average it takes fifteen wounding hits from a S4 source to inflict a single wound)
Against S5 she has a 3+ from armor and a 5- from pendant: 18 to 1 against
Against S6 she has a 4+ from armor and a 5- from pendant: 12 to 1 against

These odds are even better against shooting attacks since the Sea Dragon Cloak brings her save to a 0+

See how that works? It takes a lot of damage and it’s almost not even worth it to waste high strength shots. And this is against wounding hits. On average it takes 48 archers to do just a single wound.

What I’d like to try is a the Armor of Eternal Servitude on top of all that on a Lord: that would double all those odds. So a S5 wound (nevermind that it has to hit and wound) would be 36 to 1 against actually doing a wound. Virtual invulnerability.

On foot might not be a bad option because then she would have 360 degree vision.

Posted on December 30th, 2009 at 6:21am by Shawn

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Crouched at the Starting Line

Blue Table Painting is underbooked for January. We are ready to go on any project, any size, and ready to go right away!

We have a lot of specials running right now. Some of these note time limits, don’t worry about that, I’m running them through January at least. Most of these are permanent features, that is they’re being run until further notice.

If it were me ordering an army, I’d recommend the Turbo army (if you want to pick) or a Basic Training army. There’s always the option of ordering a la carte.

I’ve also got several armies in the studio just ready to get painted up:
Imperial Guard (including six Valkyries and six Vendetta upgrade kits from Forge World)
Chaos Space Marines
Khador (tons of Khador)
Space Marines

I also have two armies on the block:
Heru Sky Raiders (temporarily reduced to $450)
Oceanic Tau

Posted on December 28th, 2009 at 3:25pm by Shawn

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Put a Lion in your Heart

Message to person considering marriage:

Quit screwing around and just do it!

It’s time to “man up” and make it happen.

Don’t be stupid, but for heaven’s sake, quit hemming and hawing. It’s never going to be perfect. You have to just work hard and make it as perfect as you can!!!

Posted on December 28th, 2009 at 3:04pm by Shawn

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Last Few Days

That’s some good Willow-happiness. I love my baby.

So, what’s on Shawn’s mind?

Christmas was just a laze-about fest. My Angel Wife composed everything masterfully as usual, making sure stockings were stuffed and reindeer food was out in the front lawn. We bought a Wii Fit for Christmas and that was about all we did for the following three days. That was our major family gift that we saved up for.

The End.

OK, there’s more. Here are some of the details that make life so complex…

In our ward there’s a whole lot of exchange of sweets, plates of cookies and the like, so the kitchen has about a dozen plates of various goodies. My wife makes jumbo pretzel sticks with frosting and sprinkles. My favorite one was white cookies with m&ms and lots of butter.

On Saturday I got cracking again down at the studio. There are a ton of bills/obligations to clear up before the end of the month so that’s like a slab of lead on my brain. In the afternoon Renn finally showed up and we had our inevitable showdown of Skaven vs Dark Elves. 2200 points. I’d say it was the best game of Warhammer ever, but there might be a better one that I just don’t remember. I took plenty of video for that. Should have something up on Monday.

Sunday was a delight as usual. I put a moratorium on all media in the morning. We played boardgames and cooked breakfast together. Well, me and the boys at first. I made french toast and scrambled eggs with ham.

Ron Paul Fix

Posted on December 27th, 2009 at 3:22pm by Shawn

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Working Saturday

Hello there. I’m down at the studio for the afternoon. Just waiting to get new orders set up. Nothing else to do.

Ho hum.

Posted on December 26th, 2009 at 10:35pm by Shawn

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Oceanic Tau- SOLD!

We recently acquired and refurbished a Tau army. See more pictures here.

The army is over 2200 pts. Army list to follow. This list is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Naturally, you can change-up the armament.

It is on the block for $xxxx. I can take Paypal or CC by phone. I would prefer a check or MO, sent in an expedited fashion (USPS Priority with delivery confirmation in a stiff envelope) and I would give a $25 discount for this. Email me at to check availability and make payment arrangements.

  • We can expand the army later at our normal rates.
  • There are thirty magnetized weapons for the Battlesuits. Pretty sure they are a good spread of fusion blasters, plasma rifles, and missile pods.
  • The Hammerhead has alternates to be a Skyray.
  • The Devilfish and Hammerhead have both gun drones and Smart Missile Systems optional.

2250 Pts – Tau Empire Roster

HQ: Commander Shas’o (5#, 265 pts)
1 Commander Shas’o @ 265 pts (Crisis Bodyguard; Gun Drone; Gun Drone; Missile Pod; Plasma Rifle; Drone Controller)
2 Crisis Bodyguard (Fusion Blaster; Missile Pod; Targeting Array)
1 Gun Drone (Twin Linked Pulse Carbines)
1 Gun Drone (Twin Linked Pulse Carbines)

HQ: Commander Shas’o (1#, 127 pts)
1 Commander Shas’o @ 127 pts (Missile Pod; Plasma Rifle; Shield Generator)

Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (3#, 201 pts)
3 Crisis Battlesuit @ 201 pts (Missile Pod; Plasma Rifle; Targeting Array)

Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (3#, 201 pts)
3 Crisis Battlesuit @ 201 pts (Missile Pod; Plasma Rifle; Targeting Array)

Elite: Stealthsuits (6#, 184 pts)
6 Stealthsuits @ 184 pts (Burst Cannon x4; Fusion Blaster x2)

Troops: Fire Warrior (12#, 145 pts)
11 Fire Warrior @ 145 pts (Add Shas’ui; Pulse Carbine x11)
1 Shas’ui (Markerlight; Bonding Knife; Pulse Rifle)

Troops: Fire Warrior (12#, 145 pts)
11 Fire Warrior @ 145 pts (Add Shas’ui; Pulse Rifle x11)
1 Shas’ui (Markerlight; Bonding Knife; Pulse Rifle)

Troops: Fire Warrior (12#, 145 pts)
11 Fire Warrior @ 145 pts (Add Shas’ui; Pulse Rifle x11)
1 Shas’ui (Markerlight; Bonding Knife; Pulse Rifle)

Troops: Fire Warrior (12#, 145 pts)
11 Fire Warrior @ 145 pts (Add Shas’ui; Pulse Rifle x11)
1 Shas’ui (Markerlight; Bonding Knife; Pulse Rifle)

Fast Attack: Piranha Light Skimmer (5#, 210 pts)
3 Piranha Light Skimmer @ 210 pts (Fusion Blaster x3; Gun Drones x6; Disruption Pod x3)
2 Gun Drones (Twin Linked Pulse Carbines)

Fast Attack: Gun Drone Squadron (8#, 96 pts)
8 Gun Drone Squadron @ 96 pts (Twin Linked Pulse Carbines x8)

Heavy Support: Broadside Battlesuit (3#, 240 pts)
3 Broadside Battlesuit @ 240 pts (Twin linked Railgun; Smart Missile System; Targeting Array)

Heavy Support: Hammerhead Gunship (1#, 165 pts)
1 Hammerhead Gunship @ 165 pts (Railgun; Smart Missile System; Targeting Array; Disruption Pod; Landing Gear)

Total Roster Cost: 2269

Created with Army Builder – Try it for free at

Posted on December 26th, 2009 at 7:10pm by Shawn

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Got this email from a friend of mine:

Hi Shawn,

First off, Merry Christmas to you, your family, the assemblers and artists at the studio.

On December 5th, you posted a letter from a client from Denmark. He mentions the high tax rate but then goes on to say that they have free education, free health care, etc.

I was reading a motorcycle magazine in a waiting room and saw an article about some Danish motorcycle makers. One particular line caught my eye.

A Harley Davidson Iron 883 sells in the US for $7899. It sells for the equivalent of $28,000 in Denmark due to high taxes.

That is nearly a direct quote as I wrote it down.

“High Taxes”? “Free Education and Health Care”?

When you want to buy a simple motorcycle and and up paying 4 times the real cost in additional taxes to pay for it, High taxes is hardly a fitting term. It also puts the “free” in education and health care into focus. If you wanted to buy a used mini van for $5000 for your family, in Denmark it would cost $20,000.

I also wanted to tell you about one of my Christmas presents. The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook: 179 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution

You need to get and read this book.


I own me. I own my output. I have an unalienable right to defend myself, by whatever means necessary, against predators and looters.

And I am damned tired of my servants in government acting otherwise.

Posted on December 26th, 2009 at 4:36pm by Shawn

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