Not much to say today, not much on my mind. Just real grateful and wondering how I can be useful to my fellowman.

My wife and I both slept in this morning with various rounds of kids coming in to give us snuggles. Willow is sleeping through the night (just needs a feeding at 6am) and she’s walking a bit, wishing to prefer ambulation to crawling. And she’s making gagish pre-speech. More and more of it. She’s like a bulldozer. She’s got solid baby thighs and eats by the fistful.

I spent a while this morning playing catch with my son in the front yard. That was iconic.

Then off to church where we were late and while waiting in the hall G. accidentally headbutted J. in the nose and gave him a nosebleed. I took him home to tend to him.

I am eating a lot healthier, with the exception of the butter and jam-laden scones my wife fried up today. I’m still on the same diet as before, which is “eat whatever I want”, I just find myself wanting to eat vegetables a lot more.

I went out home-teaching today. I was assigned a new comp. I’ve visited the same family for over three years now. They have six children, and when we come by they all sit quietly on the couch. It’s the most amazing thing. My kids are doing cartwheels and climbing on the walls when guests come.

Afterwards I lay on the bed with my darling wife, kissing her softly and running my hands through her hair. We were listening to 80s music and reminiscing.

The kids are playing games and were playing catch for a while in the back yard (it’s pretty fair weather today).

Right now I am futzing around on the computer and watching Lord of the Rings again.

You’ve got to love someone for who they are, blind to their faults, and mouth open in praise for the good things they are. It’s a waste of time to nag a loved one for flaws. I spent ten years heaping criticism on my lovely wife for her poor house-keeping skills. But you know what? That’s just not her forte. How much better to have just poured on the compliments for the good things (the hundred other good things) that she is? Same with my kids. Not every child is cut out for Math. Sure, she could practice and get better and maybe that’s needed. But what are her strengths?

Teenagers especially don’t need a butt-whuppin. They mostly need love and kindness and a good word.

Posted on March 7th, 2010 at 11:59pm by Shawn

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