Thursday May 22 2008 Royal Beast

Picture: a new Beast of Nurgle. This is a sample model done by a new painter to show his stuff. It’s for sale if you want to check it out.

It was raining gently this morning. I love the sound, smell and feel of rain. I love rain. I can’t get enough. It could rain nine months of the year and I’d be happy.

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn; 6am and got to work. Tamie is feeling mighty pregnant already and that means me picking up the slack. I had a very bizarre breakfast: succotash, lettuce, and taffy cookies.

I got to the studio where I was expecting someone to come in and give me a hand with Assembly. I had three projects all lined up, too. But that fell through. I was mighty disappointed. Right now we’re on the hunt for a split position; half working as my right-hand-man/woman and half with Renn as an assembler. I’m spinning about five plates on that right now and we’ll see what happens.

Heather was down working on a High Elf winter tower display. That has an experimental element– a back extension held on by powerful magnets. This allows it to be shipped even though it is very large and YET still transport an army on a single platform at a tournament.

I had a new artist in (a few month on, no face time until you’re six months in) with an Ogre army and that turned out well. He was still putting on the finishing touches at 7pm when I left. Was it 7pm. Angela was in for a while, she just had a few questions about armament on some Black Templars AND to drop off a Menoth force.

My major challenge now is unpaid-for projects. I’m biting my nails over it. But all will be well in the end. It’s a rare occurence, especially an unholy conjunction of like five.

What else?

I left my car lights on, so Renn had to give me a jump.

When I got home, I found my wife transformed into an unproductive couch-lump and we got into it about that. Why can’t I just keep my mouth shut for like 30 minutes when I get home? I think it’s because I get home all wound up. Soooo, I vented by getting the kids working on housework, and me with them. I have a goal to reduce the net mass of the household stuff by at least 50%. Those of you with 10+ years married under their belts will understand.

I have not updated on projects here on the blog because things are getting moved around a lot. I ask for clients to take a deep breath and have faith it will turn out well. We are proceeding at a clipper pace. Just a few things are lagging, so don’t get worked up just yet.

If you are interested in having something done, I’d love to get the ball rolling for late June. Best to get started.

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