Tuesday May 27 2008 Busy Bee

Picture: a carnifex from Hive Fleet Medusa. This color scheme worked out well, I was pleased. I’m trying to cook up a color scheme for the upcoming studio Tyranids army, and this is on the list now.

If you are looking to do a Tyranids army, and you’re willing to flex a little on the artistic license, I’m ready to do a deal. I have a special slot in the schedule set aside just for this– you can get immediate attention.

Flashback to Monday: Renn and I took off to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It was pretty bland– an un-hate-able villain, a non-sparks-flying leading lady showing up too late, and an eye-rolling plot. In fact, I think the experience turned me off of going to see movies at the theater.

If I want to be entertained for two hours I’ll play a game of Warhammer or Hordes.

Today, I was at the studio bright and early at 10am (ha) and it was a late night (10pm). Check the video bar to the left for some highlights.

The big news at the studio is that the staff is coming together. We have a couple of new artists who are really something else. We are catching up (not that we were really *that* behind), and in fact, there are some open slots in the schedule coming up. I think at long last Equilibrium might be in reach.

Here’s the long awaited project update!

The following projects are due for completion in the next few days OR are already done
Witch Hunters 01 KO
Witch Hunters 04 DM
Lord of the Rings 01 SG
High Elves 02 CM display
Tyranids 01 JB
Nordland 02 EL

The following are under the brush but not exactly sure when they’ll be done, check in with me in a few days I’ll have an update.
Tyranids 02 JM
Mordheim 05 DF
Mordheim 06 DF
Dark Angels 01 JM
Chaos 01 GS
Inquisition 01 PC
Heroes 01 BR

The following projects are due to go under the brush this coming cycle, to be completed in the next 6-11 days:
Wood Elves 01 SB
High Elves 03 PF
Orks 01 JM
Ultramarines 01 AH
Emperors Children 07 EB
Eldar 02 LD
Dark Angels 02 JL
Eldar 02 GS night spinners
Vampire Counts 01 LG (now back on track should be done in 3-5 days)
Vampire Counts 01 LE
Inquisition 01 RT (will take 2-3 weeks)
RPG Heroes 01 CS
Tzeentch 02 JS
Legion of the Damned 01 MN

The following projects, among others, are in Assembly getting ready to be painted in early June.
Winter Eldar 01 PP
Chaos Daemons 01 TT
Ghost Warriors 04 AS

There are more, but I am still sorting out Assembly.

Random memory: when I was about eight we lived in the Alaskan outback (no electricity, no running water– unless you count the stream). Our dining room was a mesh tent. My job was to be get the bumblebees out of there. At first I used a cup to trap them and scoot them out the front flap. But after a while I just cupped my hand over them.

I had a pet salmon, too, that I kept walled up with rocks in the stream. It had a fin down its back.

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