Lions Rampant on the Block

I’m selling the studio Lions Rampant army. It is 3000- 3500 points.

Cost is $1859.

That includes shipping in the US.

Overseas is $16 more.

Constists of:

72x infantry as follows–

33x lasgun

3x lascannon

3x autocannon

3x missile launcher

4x plasma rifle

7x grenade launcher

7x meltagun

4x flamers

1x commissar in carapace armor

3x converted officers

4x storm trooper sergeants

3x sentinels

1x leman russ vanquisher

1x leman russ demolisher

2x baneblade

1x hellhound

3x basilisk

4x chimera

Posted on September 24th, 2008 at 4:49pm by Shawn

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