Saturday September 27 2008 Rickety

Picture: Ork Trukk. See some more pics of the Gritty Orks prototypes.
At this particular moment I am watching Stargate Atlantis. The kids have just gone to bed, which means there are strange animal noises and thumping sounds coming from the various rooms. Ha! Let them have their fun. I am drinking some milk with ice cubes in it. Frosty.
I am still booking projects for October. There are about four slots left for the last week, so I’m in the home stretch. If those are filled up by this coming Tuesday I’ll be ever so happy. It’s fun to set a hard goal then work hard to achieve it!
I sincerely thank everyone that has made an inquiry.
Also still trying to sell off the Lions Rampant. Hum. Not so much that I want to get rid of them, really, they’ve been a lot of fun. Details were about two entries ago.
What’s next? Probably Orks or perhaps that biker fast attack army I’ve got in that case. Sweet. The question is should I do them traditional White Scars OR make up my own chapter (the Red Dragons?). I think that with the Angry Goats, using the beastmen heads as metal masks, I think I might do the same thing with lizardmen heads. Something like that. The problem is that the crazier an army is, the less sale-able it is down the road.
Holy cow, I haven’t updated the blog for like five days.
What else? This afternoon was a slow day down at the studio, just me and Joseph. We worked on some different techniques to do yellow armor. We made some good progress.
A random note about the blog: this and the youtube channel both have many thousands of active subscribers. To me it is a miracle, and I am humbled and grateful. I think it’s a delightful and unexpected phenomenon. I realized some months ago that I couldn’t please everyone. So, basically I just post what I post and hope people like it.
We’ve starting doing a “morning show”. I had great fun taping and editing it. It’s worth a look.

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