Sunday September 28 2008 Braces

This is mount Timpanogas. It is located directly North of where I live and it towers over the valley, an ageless compass point.

If I belaboured you with the details of this day, you would slip into a catatonic state most likely. I really don’t think you’ll be interested.

But that never stopped me before!

Yesterday, I got home early, packed up all three kids in the car and headed out to Macey’s. They’re closed on Sundays, so it’s always really busy on Saturday night. It’s really magical, almost like the whole city is down there. Like a town market where I can brush elbows with the locals.

I couldn’t find the kids shoes, so they just went barefoot. I remember being young– I don’t think I even wore shoes all summer long. There was a dirt road in front of our house, and I would walk up and down it at the beginning of summer to toughen up my feet.

Anyway, we got groceries and some soft serve ice cream and headed back home.

Today was even less eventful. I went for a walk around the block by myself this morning, but no breakthroughs, no insights, just the normal chatter of chaos that goes on in my mind; a stew of worry and fantasy.

Then off to church, which started well, but ended of course with Griffin wailing and squirming. My wife took off after sacrament meeting to go visit her sister in Salt Lake (her nephew had appendicitis so she’s going up to help). Griffin was in an odd temper and wouldn’t go to his class. I think I got him worked up in the foyer keeping him sitting next to me. I can’t help but wonder if maybe I should just let him run around like a madman outside half the time.

This left me with the kids for this entire afternoon, a delight, to say the least. We made chicken dinosaurs in the microwave for lunch and mashed potatoes and vegetables for dinner. I absolutely love to spend time with the kids. Their clear eyes and enthusiasm make life 50% happier.

I also got to spend part of the day preparing for the upcoming D&D adventure. It’s going to be a blast. I got the new Adventurer’s gear book, which is an invaluable resource, chock full of magic items. A lot of them are quite ingenious.

When I had my braces on, I asked the orthodontist if he could just tighten the braces up to the maximum level straitaway and get it all over with. He said that would do irreparable damage to my teeth, that the adjustment had to be gradual so the teeth could adjust.

The adjustments are painful, but after a few days the discomfort goes away and I’m one step closer to beautiful, white, straight teeth. It’s just a matter of patience through the years.

This is how it has been with my soul. I am impatient. I thought that coming up on 40 years old I would be more “finished” but not so much. I am excited for this coming week, to continue on my spiritual quest; to be more faithful in the simple things.

Media is a big part of it. I need to get a better diet going. Like a missionary has– uplifting music, audio books, conference, scriptures and so forth. I am very optimistic, though I am in a slight dip right now, it is still higher than the previous dip. Like a wavy line slowly going upwards.

Onward and upwards!

Finding Peace

This little jewel blew my mind, too.

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