Fantastic Friday

I played TWO games today and it was awesome. Completely irresponsible. I have a very plump inbox.

Tomorrow I’ll be paying in spades: I’m going down to the studio for a fat working day. Among other things I’ll be editing and posting the juicy 90 minutes or so of footage I shot today and yesterday.

Good stuff.

For my part, I am a happy man. I got it all. Keeping it simple.

OK, here’s more. I played a game of Warhammer Fantasy with Mike. We played at 1500 pts. It was really out of sight. All I want to do is play again. It was a very close draw at the end. Every turn was a nailbiter.

This game, then, was 500 points more than the last one.

I fielded my Cold One Knights this time. And another sorceress. And a third unit of Dark Riders.

This game helped me figure out my army’s razone d’etre a little more. How does it win? How is it supposed to play? It’s really a hammer and anvil type of army– a big tarbaby unit (the Black Guard) and then a ton of very maneuverable units that harass and harry, picking apart the enemy’s cohesion, getting to where they are needed. I think that sometimes if a unit is close combat only there’s an enormous temptation to get it “stuck in” sooner than is prudent. I’m definitely like that. I like to do things and I get into trouble.

Anyway, the Cold One Knights (COK) really screwed up during this game, presenting a huge number of problems on account of Stupidity. We call this a “COK block”. So, I’m tempted to “fire” them from the roster, but I’ve decided to leave them in, and just play them better and smarter and choose magic items that will keep them on track (eg the cold-blooded banner that allows for one turn of enhanced LD).

I also need to consider that I won’t always be playing against Orcs! Renn is coming along nicely with his Vampire Counts which will be a tremendous challenge. Returning to the Cold One Knights– they have Fear which will help.

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