Thanksgiving Day 2008

Well, I think that I’ve been maintaining the blog for two years now.

Here’s the day in a nutshell:

  1. Sleep in.
  2. Studio to pick up metal plates, glue and wrap up some loose ends.
  3. Watch episode of Star Trek: Enterprise while painting up a few Dark Riders.
  4. Get nagged by wife for not helping clean up for Thanksgiving dinner guests.
  5. Whip the kids into shape– making them clean up while I continue painting.
  6. Get nagged by wife again for not cooking the dishes I was supposed to cook and now it’s ten minutes until guests arrive.
  7. Finally go upstairs and appease wife, who finds me dead-sexxy in my chef outfit.
  8. My cranberry relish is to die for.

OK, so Joseph and his wife show up with their little cherubs and we really get a spectacular meal underway. What else? The kids were having a blast watching the muppet show and playing out in the frosty back yard.

After dinner, Joseph and I made flush movement trays for our Warhammer Fantasy armies. It’s official now, I have 2000 points of Dark Elves all painted up, with movement trays, everything ready to go. OK, well, maybe one thing missing: the hydra I have was painted by If all goes according to plan I’ll be playing a game with Mike tomorrow and will have some vids up.

Then we headed out to Blockbuster to rent a few movies: Get Smart and Hellboy II. We watched the former all four of us as the kids dropped off to sleep one by one. Get Smart was good for a few belly laughs.

Tamie put her swollen calves on my lap during the movie and I worked them into shape. Poor darling, she’s a vision of misery. Imagine hauling around a twenty pound bowling ball in your abdomen for three months. The turkey timer is almost entirely extroverted (ie her belly button, in case the metaphor isn’t clear).

So, what am I grateful for? That’s a pretty long list. I really have it all, everything important, healthy family, great wife, community, church, dream co-workers, and dream job… and clients which really, in a way, make it all possible.

Posted on November 28th, 2008 at 5:25am by Shawn

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