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Picture: a Dark Elf Lord on Dragon. See pics of the whole army here. I’ve had some comments like “well, that’s no legal in a tournamen”. Who says I want to be in a tournament? If I want to get whipped for nine hours straight and pay for the privilege, I’ll head to Vegas. Ayup, that’s the great advantage to having just a small, informal gaming group. Not a lot of stress and I can use whatever models I please.
If you want one of these made for your army, the cost is in the $150-250 range, everything included, a completely custom job on deluxe base. We need a pretty broad range for execution, though. Email me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com for a quote.
My Dark Elf army is complete at a cool 2500 pts, with a few heroes to spare. Well, I suppose I would like to add another unit of infantry. I was thinking a throwaway unit or two of spearmen, but then I contemplated what wicked badasses the Black Guard are and I’m thinking a second unit of those would fit the bill. That would bring the army up to a cool 2800 pts. Blarg. What am I thinking? This army is plenty fun the way it is without getting megalomaniacal.
This morning I found seven inches or so of snow on the front walk and I spent the morning shoveling that. It’s not so much a chore. It’s fun to be outside and getting something productive done.
It was a slow day at the studio. The day after Christmas. I emailed everyone saying no one was expected in. But a few of us showed to play some Warhammer Fantasy. I played against Janene’s Dwarfs and that was a lot of fun. Notrep of that forthcoming.
I had a huge pile-up of work from over the holidays, but I hit my groove and got everything done that could be done. I was there until 11pm. When I got home the kids were all in bed. Well, except the youngest who was into this room and that, with us chasing him around like a pair of lethargic cops.

Posted on December 27th, 2008 at 2:54pm by Shawn

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