Right now I’m up at 4:44am.

I’ve been up for over an hour and a half. I’ve been watching Galaxy Quest. Good thing I left my Magic cards at the studio, I have been able to get pretty much caught up on my webwork, though I do have 30 minutes of Morning Show footage to edit and put up.

Now my wife is up with the baby. Two of the older kids are up in our bed. It’s like a little can of sardines up there. Not like that every night. We are watching Eleventh Hour, one of her favorite shows.

Baby Willow is healthy and happy. She is a contented burbly little pod. She’s an “easy” baby. Just happy to be along for the ride.

Here’s the deal with Friday. Tamie took the kids to the Aquarium up in Salt Lake. She’s a really good Mom that way. The kids get a ton of life experiences. I was at “work” all day. I had a huge load of projects to work through and made good headway. The Thunderhawk project is almost completely assembled now.

It was ward temple night. Quite a sublime experience. I’m glad I went. There’s always that resistance just before; to take the easier course.

We are slightly underbooked for March. There is still one golden slot open for the 30/30 special (which I am now expanding to include Warriors of Chaos and Vampire Counts). There are six slots left for March overall. If I got all those filled up today I think I would turn a back flip.

The studio is like a six-piston engine. Everyone is working harmoniously. The talent on board right now is through the roof– each one dedicated to the craft.

Posted on February 28th, 2009 at 11:43am by Shawn

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