Speaking of Red Food Coloring…

[I got this email from a client. It refers to a vid we made of us eating Chinese food.]

I was watching your new video and thought I would share a fun yet disturbing food fact about red food coloring.

The next time you get something with red food dye look on the back. If ithas the word “CARMIN” on the back guess what you are eating.

This is no joke it is for real.

It is a dried red beetle. They dry the beetle then grind it in to a powderthat turns food red. Simulating cherry, strawberry, raspberry, etc.

It is commonly used on yogurts, candies, and by the evil overlord of fast-food. McDonalds “CURSE YOU MCRIB”

Just thought you might find this interesting..


Posted on February 27th, 2009 at 6:13pm by Shawn

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